World Record Price For Ram

‘Lyell’ worth his world record price. Image: Australian Poll Dorset Association

When you’re wanting to buy one of the best rams, you anticipate paying the best price.

However the simple idea of boosting stock was what led to Kinellar Stud paying the world record price for a ram.

Victoria Patterson and family from Kinellar Stud, Canowindra (75%) and James and Rosemary Corcoran from Gooramma Poll Dorset Stud, Galong (25%) paid a record-breaking $41,000 for a Poll Dorset ram last Monday.

They bought the ram ‘Lyell’ (formerly known as Valma 200040) from Valma stud in Whitemore, Tasmania via an online auction hosted by AuctionsPlus. “We weren’t setting out for a world record. We just wanted a ram for our paddock,” said Lachlan Patterson. He said ‘Lyell’ is one of the country’s best rams.

“The ram is probably in the top five per cent in growth and top five per cent for muscle,” Mr Patterson said.

“He’s also got good eating quality with good marbling and quite tender meat.” Heading into the auction, their budget was $40,000.

They were expecting a price in the mid-20,000s, keeping in mind that good rams go for prices in the 30,000s. Mr Patterson said the auction bidding was hot, with blind timing keeping eve-ryone on the edge.

“We didn’t expect this kind of competition,” he said.

The family is supremely content with their purchase.

“By 2023 we will have bred great lambs by him, will win a lot of shows and sell a lot of rams by him,” Mr Patterson said. They also want to ensure the customer has the best eating experience.

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