Vote 1 – Erin Watt – Target

Why Youth Should Care About Council Election

Written by: The Cowra Phoenix

Erin Watts

Council Candidate Erin Watt is almost half the age of the youngest councilor on the current council.

Despite her age, she said she will bring experience and an important view to Cowra Council if elected.

“Young families, young people and kids are a massive proportion of Cowra’s population. We are also the people using the most of council services and facilities.” she said.

“Young voices are so often excluded from where decisions are made. With older people making presumptions about what we need”

“We need more local events targeted at young people and families, like the awesome event at the Tower recently. More places to hang, accessible paths and playgrounds, support for local secure jobs and honest conversations about mental health.” she said

“I’d bring to council a progressive drive for environmental sustainability, supporting industries of the future and bridging gaps with the Wiradjuri community."

Erin became politically engaged as a teenager around climate change. “I was angry that a bunch of politicians were making decisions that would affect my future much more than theirs... this drove me to study politics at Sydney University and spend the last decade working in campaigning and policy.”

“Young people aren’t disengaged with politics, they just don’t see anyone speaking their language. It’s time for our voice to be heard.”

Aging and Disability Commision

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Vote 1 – Erin Watt – Target