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Written by: The Cowra Phoenix

Bill West

As a Council I believe it’s important to continue to focus on prudent financial management, whilst delivering the Services the entire Shire community reasonably expects, as well as maintaining and improving the assets and infrastructure. Covid and now floods focus attention on the vital Hospital redevelopment, along with water security and flood control in relation to the Wyangala Dam proposal, the Billimari bore emergency supply and working with Water NSW to provide portable water to Wyangala are areas I would continue to actively engage in.

The River Bank masterplan identifies opportunities to continue improving that beautiful natural inheritance whilst adjacent there is an opportunity to construct an adult change restroom facility which will benefit both tourists and local residents.

Likewise the urgent need to improve the facilities in the Gooloogong Park must be addressed.

I continue to be committed to a new bridge to ease traffic congestion and create improved connectivity, whilst retaining the low level bridge perhaps as a cycle/walkway. Roads will continue to be an area of focus for attention.

The CBD is a focus for all, particularly the important retail sector.

There are many issues I would continue to be actively involved with ranging from promoting Cowra Shire, West Cowra Sewer and stormwater, maintaining Shire wide services.

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