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Tilly’s Heart Warming Story

Written by: The Cowra Phoenix

IMAGE: Tilly the dog and her pups, who were born in the Cowra Pound.

This is the story of a lost dog, her pups and their journey moving forward.

A few weeks ago, the local Council Ranger, Jeff, was called out to a heavily pregnant dog wandering around seemingly with no owner.

When Jeff found the dog, who is assumed to be a Bull Arab cross, he brought her back to the pound. Sadly there was no collar, no microchip, and no one owning up to losing this beautiful soul.

It didn’t take Jeff long to realise that giving birth to puppies in the pound was not an ideal situation for the pups or the mother. That is when he reached out to Cowra Pet Rescue and Rehoming, where they soon sorted a foster home.

Cowra Pet Rescue in a not-forprofit organisation who try and find homes for lost or abandoned pets, either by fostering where possible, or through their Assisted rehoming program where they help pets find new homes while remaining in their current homes. There are a variety of reasons for people needing to part with pets, from the rental crisis to illness, moving overseas, or sadly, passing away.

Of course a lot come into care from being lost, as with the case with Tilly, who was lovingly named by Gai Gauci, the amazing foster carer who took on the challenge of raising the family of pups and Tilly.

Being a foster carer is a huge responsibility as it is the carer’s responsibility to provide adequate nutrition and training required for them to be moved into a permanent home.

Tilly is performing leaps and bounds in her obedience training as she is showing no interest in livestock or other animals.

Tilly’s pups started coming at 4:30pm on Tuesday the 8th, finishing with 10 pups by 3.40am on Wednesday the 9th. Six girls and four boys,which are all strong and healthy.

Tilly has taken motherhood in her stride and keeps on proving to be an excellent mother. Cowra Pet Rescue will continue to provide updates on this remarkable story of a second chance via their facebook page.

Cowra Pet Rescue stated “Tilly’s story should also be a reminder that microchipping and desexing will prevent a situation that she finds herself in- without a home that may well have loved and cared for her and giving birth in an unfamiliar setting.”

Steph Cooke

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Steph Cooke