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Sport Washed Out Across Cowra Bar Dance Factory

Written by: The Cowra Phoenix


With the river on the rise and heavy down pours plummeting down over the weekend many fields, pitches and courts were flooded with water.

Tennis ended up a wash out and the cricket was subsequently called off after their fresh return post covid.

A clear forecast for the week sparks a glimmer of hope with keen cricket enthusiasts eager to see the water level creep back down allowing them to grab a bat and head out to the pitch.

However, there is one bubble of hyper excitement the rain couldn’t burst in the form of pint sized dancers.

Cowra Dance Factory is busily preparing for their end of year shows.

The dancers are buzzing with excitement as practice and dress rehearsals are full steam ahead in the lead up to their annual concerts.

The very talented and excited dancers are gearing up to present two shows at the Cowra Civic Centre on the 4th and 5th of December.

Tickets are available now, but a word to the wise, be quick before they sell out.

By Jamie-Lee Farley

Aging and Disability Commision

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