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The Morongla C.W.A. Ladies held a street stall in the main street in front of the chemist. The lady who was working in the chemist drew out the winning ticket for the hamper. Thank you to all the people who supported the stall a few weeks ago. Margaret Cross won the box of goodies.

At Conference, South West Group did very well, taking 3rd place. Carolyn Cameron received 80 points for her rug. The group secured 3 positions in the top 10 in handicraft. In the cooking Joan Langfield had 3 and Barbara Rocavert had 1. Anne Gault from Quandralle Branch received first place for pend blossom cake.

For Cultural bring something Floral. There will be 3 meetings held on Wednesday the 7th of July at Morongla Hall. Two monthly meetings and the Annual Red Cross meeting, commencing at 2:45pm with a guest speaker and then a cuppa.

Free Trade Agreement With United Kingdom A Boon For Riverina And Central West

Deputy Prime Minister and Riverina MP Michael McCormack says the new Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United Kingdom will open opportunities throughout the Riverina and Central West.

Another win for regional Australia is the ad-dition of a dedicated agricultural visa. The conditions, including a dedicated agricultural visa, to see them thrive into the future and grow the Agriculture Sector to a $100 billion industry by 2030.”

Letter To The Editor

There are bills being pushed around the NSW Parliament on the eventual phasing out of Stamp Duty on the sale of land/housing/farms etc with the proposed introduction of Land Tax to replace the Stamp Duty. Well Stamp Duty is a one off Tax at time of purchase.

Now a Land Tax is an ongoing tax paid yearly (P.A) a figure that has been bandied around for house holds approx $1,600 P.A ( Now if on average you or I live on the land where our house is built/purchased say that we do live there for say 30 to 50 years on average.

For example a house purchased for say $400,000 Stamp Duty is approx $18,000, now using the figure of say $1,600 P.A for land tax that the Govt has bandied around with, if you multiply that figure by the amount of years you live there (don’t forget inflation and Govt raising theses figures to balance the budget!). So for 30 years land tax would equal approx $48.000 and now for 50 years at the same address you will pay yes wait for it $80,000 (that is on the figure of $1,600 P.A). And those that rent will bear the burden also by the way of higher rents.

Now what would you like to pay? $18,000 once only fee or $48,000/$80,000 (don’t forget you get nothing in return for this tax). Yes you will be saving at first but not in the long run.

Say if you put that money into an investment fund/bank you would be better off.

So get out there and lobby your State Members now. I will stand corrected on this issue.

Chris Parris

Men’s Shed Grants

Men’s Sheds can apply for financial support across the following funding categories:

  • Category 1: Health, Wellbeing and Events$8,000 maximum
  • Category 2: Shed Improvements $8,000 maximum
  • Category 3: Equipment $5,000 maximum Applications for Round 22 Men’s Sheds grants are open until 26 July 2021.

Those wanting to submit an application can visit

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