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Local lady, Jennifer Richmond was recently recognised as Lions Citizen of the year.

Lions Citizen Of The Year To Cowra Local

Jennifer Richmond recognised as Lions Citizen of the Year for dedication to diabetes patients Cowra Lions Citizen of the Year for 2023 is Jenny Richmond, in recognition of her unwavering commitment to improving the lives of diabetes patients. The decision to honour Jenny was prompted by the Cowra Lions Club’s close association with her exemplary work as the Diabetes Nurse at Kendal Street Medical Centre. This collaboration was established several years ago, facilitated by the Lions Australia Diabetes Foundation, which strives to reduce diabetes prevalence and enhance the quality of life for those diagnosed with the condition.

One of the notable initiatives undertaken by Lions Australia Diabetes Foundation is its “Lap the Map” program, which encourages individuals to walk and track their kilometres with the collective goal of surpassing the circumference of Australia (25,760 kilometres).

Impressively, Lions members around Australia not only completed one lap of the map but recorded a staggering combined distance of 261,704 kilometres, exceed-ing Australia’s circumference more than tenfold.

In a conversation with Jenny Richmond a couple of years ago, members of the Cowra Lions Club discussed their admiration for her work and expressed a desire to contribute further. As a result, they collaborated on a walk combined with educational activities, with participants journeying to the POW Camp area where Jenny had arranged for diabetes educators to provide information handouts. Recognising the ongoing support needed, the Club has funded individual Sharps containers for patients. Moreover, the Cowra Lions Club is currently partnering with Jenny and Cowra Council as co-sponsors for larger sharps containers to be installed around town.

Jenny’s genuine passion for the crucial work she undertakes makes her a deserving recipient of the 2023 Lions Citizen of the Year award.

Join the M&D’s Diamond Anniversary Celebration!

It’s time to come together and show your appreciation for the Cowra Musical and Dramatic Society as they take the stage at the Cowra Civic Centre this weekend for their Diamond Anniversary Concert show, titled Celebration! Since May 1963, the M&D has been dedicated to providing good-quality, family-friendly entertainment to the people of Cowra and the surrounding district. With nearly 150 stage productions under their belt, the M&D has become an integral part of our community. They have also been actively involved in fundraising concert shows, special performances at local events, and supporting the annual Festival of International Understanding.

This show, Celebration! not only marks M&D’s 60th birthday but also commemorates the 30th anniversary of the formation of their own choir, The Cowra Vocal Ensemble. The concert will feature a selection of popular songs and show tunes from their extensive repertoire.

Celebration! Takes us on a journey through the past 60 years, bringing together performers of all ages, from 8 to 80. Some will be reprising their roles from previous productions, while others pay tribute to the performers of yesteryear who have inspired them.

Cowra Local Livestock Health Update

Grazing canola crops provide an exceptional feed base with high protein, but like almost all crops and pastures they come with a few livestock health risks.

In sheep, the most commonly diagnosed diseases are:
1. Photosensitisation.
2. Clostridial diseases.
3. Metabolic diseases in ewes.

In cattle, the most commonly seen diseases are:
1. Bloat.
2. Nitrate Poisoning.

As a general rule, never give hungry animals the chance to gorge themselves on a lush crop. Introduce stock gradually so that their rumen microflora have the chance to adjust to the high quality diet. A few hours per day initially (10am-2pm) for seven days is the most cautious approach. Once adjusted onto Brassica, don’t chop and change their feed base.

While high in crude protein and energy, Brassica crops, like all grazing crops and lush pastures, are low in firbe content. Consider having hay available, particularly for pregnant and lactating animals, when first introducing stock to a paddock, and, during periods of bad weather.

And lastly, but certainly not least, keep an eye on them! Most commonly diagnosed disease this month?Benign Footrot.

If you would like further information or to chat about any animal health issues, please feel free to contact your local District Veterinarian’s: Em Johnstone (0419 334 077) or Evie Duggan (0427 147 939).

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