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Snake Sightings Already Frequent In Cowra

Written by: The Cowra Phoenix

Luke Sellenthin
IMAGE: Local snake catcher Luke Sellenthin catches a snake.

The weather is warming up and reports of snake sightings have become more prevalent. Cowra boasts some of the most stunning walking trails in the region including the Garrison Walk, The Prisoner of War Camp, The Lachlan River Walk and many more. As beautiful as it may be to enjoy, Cowra residents are being reminded to watch out for our slithery friends who are starting to reappear, with the eastern brown and Mulga snake (king brown) being the most common in Cowra.

So what do you do if you see one on your walk?

Local snake catcher Luke Sellenthin says that the best thing we can do for ourselves and our pets is keep a good distance away.

“They won’t react unless provoked and will just be on their way.”

“Best not let dogs wander off too far, because there is more chance of them coming into contact with a snake and less the person can do about it from a distance.”

Luke says there are 3 things you can to deter them “Remove food sources, water (which is another big attractant for snakes) and any debris or cover for it to hide under.”

At times a snake may be on its way with no harm done, but in some circumstances they may proceed to head towards the shed, beneath a car or into a house. This is when the expertise of a snake catcher is the safest option. If one has entered your house, remove all people and pets from the room, shut the door, seal the gap beneath with a towel and wait for the snake catcher. It is crucial to remember that even the little snakes can be dangerous. Attempting to catch a snake poses serious risks of being bitten. For help removing/catching a snake in Cowra please call Luke Sellenthin on 0423480612. He is available to assist outside of his work hours.

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