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Kats n Dogs would like to take a moment to remind pet owners that, especially in the summer months, their animals require an ample supply of cold, fresh water. It is detrimental to Keep a constant check on their water consumption to ensure they are getting enough to support their overall health. Ensure that your dogs have enough appropriate containers for them in the house and yard, along with cool, shaded areas to hang out.

Additionally, Kats n Dogs is grateful to Cowra Vets and Central Vets Services for supporting their natural pet treat products and providing them for the Cowra community to purchase at their clinics. You may learn more about the Southpoint game meat snacks produced by the Cowra family business by visiting A hardship fund for emergency medical care has been established by Kats and dogs at Central Vets Services.

The money was utilised earlier this year to treat Molly, a lovely family dog, who had been the victim of a dog attack and for whom the family was having financial difficulties. She is back with her family and has totally recovered. The Kats n Dogs crew is currently accepting reservations for their pet care visits service as Christmas approaches.They are available to the Cowra regions during all holidays, seven days a week. Even though everyone knows Kat, Jon works behind the scenes while Kat’s daughter handles marketing, social media, and bookkeeping. It truly is a team effort.

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