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Peace Celebrations Ring Loud In Cowra

Written by: The Cowra Phoenix

Calling all Cowra residents to come along and ring the peace bell on September 19th.

Cr. Cheryl Downing, who serves as the chair of the Australian Chapter of the World Peace Bell Association, is calling on residents in the local community to gather at Cowra Civic Square on Darling Street in order to participate in a meaningful event that has been organised to celebrate the International Day of Peace. One of the main highlights of this event is the opportunity for attendees to ring the peace bell, symbolising their commitment to peace and unity. This initiative aims to bring people together and emphasising the importance of promoting harmony.

The International Day of Peace, celebrated on September 19, holds great importance for the town of Cowra. This day is especially significant for Cowra due to its distinction as the home of Australia’s World Peace Bell. It is a day when Cowra acknowledges and pays tribute to the concept of peace at a global level.

The International Day of Peace, centers around the theme of “Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the #GlobalGoals.” This theme highlights the importance of taking proactive measures to foster peace and emphasises the shared responsibility we all have, both as individuals and as a collective, in promoting peace worldwide. The focus is on encouraging action rather than merely acknowledging the need for peace.

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