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Massive Attendance at Cowra Netball Carnival

Written by: The Cowra Phoenix


Despite the rain last Sunday, Cowra Netball As-sociation still managed to pull off one of its biggest ever carnivals, with 65 teams descending on Cowra for the annual Cowra Carnival. Results:

Div 1: W- Goulburn, R/ U- Tuggeranong. Div 2: W- Goulburn, 2 R/U- Parkes. Div 3: W- Cowra, R/U- Mudgee. Div 4: W- Tuggeranong Green, R/U- Narrandera. Div 5: W- Barellan, R/U- Tuggeranong Blue. Div 6: W- Blayney, R/U- Goulburn. Div 7: W- Tuggeranong Blue, R/U- Barel-lan. Div 8: W- Temora, R/U- Tuggeranong White. Div 9: W- Tuggeranong Blue, R/U- Tug-geranong Green. Div 10: W- Narrandera, R/U- Tuggeranong White. Div 11: W- Tuggeranong Blue, R/U- Bathurst Rep. Div 12: W- Mudgee 3, R/U Parkes 11/12.



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