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Madra Manners Working Dog Clinic

Written by: The Cowra Phoenix


Madra Manners with David Motley have offered a great opportunity for individuals to learn how to relate to their working dogs through body language, these techniques have been proven successful in everyday work and trailing.

During this educational clinic participants will learn a 10 step training program, focussing on all aspects of training to ensure owners get the most out of their dog. Along with these fantastic skills, the importance of identifying any incorrect or bad behaviour displayed by your dog and how to correct the behaviour.

Understanding mob structure and the different ways livestock move is a key part to farm work, during this clinic the knowledge of this specific skill as well as how to move livestock i a controlled manner is also taught.

The renowned trainer, Dave Motley has over 20 years experience with training and breeding kelpies. Mr. Motley has bred his own working dogs specifically to assist him in his everyday stock work.

Throughout his incredible career working on stations across Australia, his dogs have handled anything from 4000 cattle to mobs of 3000 merinos.

These impressive dogs have also been used competitively in numerous trials and used in working dog schools in 3 different US states.

To find out more information on this once in a lifetime clinic that will be held on the 4th and 5th of November, contact Mandra Manners on facebook.

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