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Holman Place School Digs Deep For Eugowra

Written by: The Cowra Phoenix

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Despite Cowra being impacted by floods itself, Holman Place Public School in Cowra has chipped in to help flood ravaged Eugowra by hosting a mufti day on Thursday November 24.

Students were encouraged to wear casual clothes and bring along new or near-new books for students affected by floods.

Books could range from reading, to colouring-in, to art books.

Holman Place School principal Rebecca Halls told the NSW Department of Education website, after visiting Eugowra to see family members, she noticed a gap in the donations for children.

“We just hope it [donated books] brought some smiles to the faces of the kids in Eugowra,” Ms Halls said.

“I saw a lot of families coming in for supplies and realised that there wasn’t a lot of books or art supplies that kids could use.”

“We have been quite fortunate and have been able to stay operational during these floods, but just seeing the devastation of other communities around here has been impactful for us as a school community.”

“Helping each other is what it is all about.”

“At the end of the day when disaster strikes, that is when people come out and help complete strangers.”

“We are a School for Specific Purposes, so for our 30 students it’s really important to understand that people do their best things together when horrible things happen.”

Information sourced from the NSW Department of Education website.

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