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D’Elboux Champions Shire Villages

Written by: The Cowra Phoenix

Sharon D’Elboux

As the Cowra Shire Council election day draws near, the attention has primarily been on the larger town centre, Cowra. Candidate Sharon D’Elboux wants to draw attention to the eight villages across the Shire.

“Small villages matter. I lived in a small village Koorawatha, until I was 18 years old. I was raised by my family and the Koorawatha community” said Ms D’Elboux.

Cowra Council has endorsed the Village Action Plan 2020. Each village has identified its future needs.

“It is important the new council continue the work to action and address the needs of each community. Residents of Woodstock, Gooloogong, Wyangala, Darbys Falls, Wattamondara, Billimari, Morongla and Noonbinna matter” said Ms D’Elboux.

“On reading the Village Action Plan, the level of investment required to provide the desired open spaces, infrastructure, services and community connectivity are heavily reliant on attracting grant funding. Through collaboration in the Council Chamber, we must share our focus across the whole of the Shire and continue to apply for funding” said Ms D’Elboux.

Ms D’Elboux’s campaign is listed at Follow her on Facebook at

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