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Cowra Shire Celebrates ANZAC Day

Written by: The Cowra Phoenix

anzac day

Residents of Cowra and surrounds assembled in an impressive show of numbers last Sunday, to pay their respects and take a moment to remember those who served, and the sacrifices they made and continue to make, for ANZAC Day.

Services were held in Cowra, Woodstock, Gooloogong, Darbys Falls and Wyangala Village, with two-up featuring at some local pubs and clubs, including the Cowra Services Club.

The sound of the bagpipes echoed throughout Woodstock as people lined the street to watch students of Woodstock Public School, local ex-service men and women and members of the public unite and March together. The heartfelt and captivating tributes to Sister Janet Kerr and Arnold Bennet, village locals who served in 1940-1941, were heard during the Anzac Day service. The community humbly fell silent in remembrance and respect as Victor Capare and Norman Dennis read the individual names on the Roll of honour, including those who remain serving today. Cowra Mayor Bill West joined the proceedings and recited the Prayer for the nation.

The Community spirit spilled over into the Woodstock Hotel, where patrons participated in the Anzac day tradition of two-up, and gathered together to commemorate the day. The hotel publican Katie, spoke about the tremendous support from the locals.

“We are just happy to see so many people down here for Anzac day, it’s a terrific turn out"

Ovens were working hard across Cowra Shire as children participated in the Cowra Show Society’s Anzac Biscuit Competition. With people turning to the delectable and traditional biscuits every Anzac day, the competition helped spark the significance of the day in the minds of the young entrants.

Patrick and Abigal

Taking out the scrumptious win were brother and sister duo from Goolagong, Patrick and Abigail.

Photographed proudly holding their winning plate of biscuits and family medals, the Goolagong Public School students smiles painted the picture of two very ecstatic winners.

Anzac day is a family affair for the pint-sized bakers.

“I march with my Dad who is a veteran on Anzac Day in the Goolagong Parade.” Five-and-a-half-year-old Patrick answered. Abigail who is seven and a half years old leant toward tradition. “Every Anzac day, I make Anzac biscuits with my mum and my brother after marching with our dad in the Goolagong Parade.”

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