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Cowra Motorcycle Club Championship R1 Results

Written by: The Cowra Phoenix


Patto’s Classics Unlimited
1st - Tom Scott, 2nd - Andrew Smith, 3rd - John Ewing

Junior Trail Bike
1st - Hugh Hope-Hodgetts, 2nd - Lockie Duggan, 3rd - Jake Dunkley

50cc Demo Div 1 4-Under 9
Flynn Beard, Brock Beath, Knox Beath, Levi Campbell, Porter Collits, Harry Coopes, Harry Gee, Hannah Hope-Hodgetts, Arthur Johnstone, Ryder Negus, Joey O’Regan, Roczan Rich-ards, Remi Richards, Harrison Redfern, Ellis Richards, Jesskah Smith, Levi Townsend , Alessandro Villella. Sonny Watson, Lucy Whiteman, Mason Wild, Reed Wild

Pro 250
1st - Derek Hingerty, 2nd - Steven Croker, 3rd - Zac Hagney

Junior 200-250cc 4 Stroke 13-Under 16 Years
1st - Alexander Adamson, 2nd - Jett Carter,
3rd - Lachlan Russell

Over 35 All Powers
1st - Andrew Fleming, 2nd - Andrew Smith, 3rd - Greg Lack

65cc 7-Under 9 Years
1st - Mason Redfern, 2nd - Hunter Law, 3rd - Eli Hodder

1st - Robert Nolan/April Geromboux, 2nd - Andrew Bridge/Robert Weston, 3rd - Matthew Kelly/Tom White

Unlimited 2 Stroke
1st - Dillon Lucas, 2nd - Steven Croker, 3rd - Andrew Smith

85cc 2 Stroke & 150cc 4 Stroke
1st - Sam Drane, 2nd -Hugh Hope-Hodgetts, 3rd - Jed Fyffe

Pro 450
1st - Tom Drane, 2nd - Grant Charnock, 3rd - James Sawdy

65cc 9-Under 13 Years
1st- Jed Fyffe, 2nd - Hayden Duggan, 3rd - Lockie Duggan

Over 45 All Powers
1st - Andrew Fleming, 2nd - Peter Gower, 3rd - Daniel Flanagan

Junior 100-150cc 2 Stroke & 200-250cc 4 stroke 13-Under 16 Years
1st - Alexander Adamson, 2nd - Lachlan Russell, 3rd - Jett Carter

Pro Open
1st - Tom Drane, 2nd - Grant Charnock, 3rd - Edward Grabham

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