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Cowra Callum Pull Becomes Newcastle City Councillor

Written by: The Cowra Phoenix

Callum Pull was elected to Newcastle City Council Ward 4.

Cowra local Callum Pull is soaring to new heights in Newcastle as he nestles into his new role as the youngest member to be elected into the Newcastle council. Bringing a fresh, young voice to politics he is looking forward to representing the party and the people of Ward 4.

“I’m really looking forward to representing them, and as now the youngest ever councillor in Newcastle’s history, I’ll have my own constituency representing the aspirational youth of Newcastle.”

“I’ve seen that people are ready to back our generation, we just have to be ready to stand up.”

“This is only the second time the Liberal Party has had more than one councillor on Newcastle council, and I’ve just been elected as the Team Leader of the Liberal Councillors, so that’s an additional responsibility, and I’m really looking forward to showing the people of Newcastle all the good that a strong group of Liberal councillors can do.”

The newly elected councillor has his sights set firmly ahead as he plans for future.

“Well for the next few years I’ll be hard at work for the people of my ward! I’m looking forward to making real headway on key projects and working to get real results for my community. I believe it’s important that my generation stands up for the future we want to live in. I feel really humbled by the fact that I went to the local members of the Liberal party and said I wanted to run and they backed me in all the way.”

While he may find himself a long way from the bush, Cowra is never to far from this local’s heart and he recognizes teachers, friends, family and school mates who had an influence on the person he is today.

“It’s all the good people of Cowra that I have to thank for giving me the prerequisites for this role.

“The Ward I represent includes the most outer-western suburbs of Newcastle, and many of those communities remind me a lot of Cowra – they’re full of hardworking people with modest aspirations who want to live a decent life and own a home. I like to think that in terms of connecting with my community, coming from that background has allowed me to connect with those aspirations better than I otherwise would have.”

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