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Written by: The Cowra Phoenix


Last Wednesday a five table Mitchell was played.

NS - 1st – Marianna Xerri and Barb Proctor – 60%

2nd – Moreton Harrison and Di Payten – 59%

EW – 1st – Stephen Bell and Yvonne Bell - 58.5%

2nd – Bernadette Mossman and Joan Roots - 57.5%

On Monday a six table Michell was played

NS – 1st – Marianna Xerri and Barb Proctor - 55.67%

2nd – Alayne Gouge and Stephen Bell - 53%

3rd – Heather Keily and Moreton Harrison - 49.67%

EW – 1st – Elizabeth Kelly and Jean Mary Fagan- 57.33%

2nd – John McLaren and Phil Millard - 55.33%

3rd – Bernadette Mossman and Ros Dunhill - 52.33%

On Tuesday we had nine tables taking part in a game with newer players matched with more experienced players.

Congratulations to Janine Millner, Anne Francis, Eugene Marais and Prue Flannery who were in the top results and have not played on either Monday or Wednesday competitions at the club.

NS – 1st – Eugene Marais and Marianna Xerri - 63.10%

2nd – Janine Millner and Margi Bargwanna - 62.96%

3rd – Yvonne Bell and Judi Smith - 59.49%

4th – Ian Lee and Moreton Harrison - 49.77%

EW – 1st – Helen Butler and Yvonne Lawrie - 46.25%

Equal 2nd - Bobby Cooley and Anne Francis - 53.47%

And Jean Mary Fagan and Prue Flannery - 53.47%

3rd – Anne Loveridge and Bev Oliver - 52.31%

The final results are in for the Australian Wide Pairs were declared on Monday and we send congratulations to Margi Bargwanna and Marie Langfield who finished 6th overall and 2nd in the under 50 masterpoints division. A wonderful result when over 2000 players competed across Australia.

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