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Written by: The Cowra Phoenix


After a couple of missed weeks we are now back into routine again with Bridge being played in the Auditorium of the Services Club.

On Monday 9th May, six tables played a Standard Mitchell with the following winners.

NS – 1st – Cathy Wood and Bernadette Mossman- 57.67%.

2nd – Gwynne Reid and Geoff Casey - 53.67%.

3rd – John McLaren and Joan Hurst - 52.67%.

EW – 1st- Elizabeth Kelly and Peter Fagan- 63.33%.

2nd – Vera Penhey and Di Payten - 54.67%.

3rd – Sally Delaney and Jean Mary Fagan- 52%.

On Monday 16th, six teams took part in the first round of the GNOT (Grand Nattional Open Teams) with the second round to be played next Monday. Players may be substituted if they are unable to attend but play from the same table as this week

The leading team is Peter Fagan, Elizabeth Kelly, Bernadette Mosman, and Cathy Wood from Marie Langfield, Geoff Casey, Vanda Cassim and Moreton Harrison in second place.

On Tuesday May 31st we will be playing the Statewide Novice Pairs and all players with unde 100 masterpoints are elligible to play.

Please contact Jenni Fagan or enter your name in the book if you wish to play.

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