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Cowra Bowling Club Hosts Dinner For Flood Volunteers

Written by: The Cowra Phoenix

IMAGE: Anne Johnston and Ray Johnston Unit Commander, Cowra SES,

The Cowra Bowling Club recently hosted a dinner for local emergency services volunteers, thanking them for their efforts during Cowra’s major floods last month. The event saw members of the local SES and RFS units come together to reflect on their successful work during the floods.

Speakers on the night included Cowra SES Commander Ray Johnston, Waugoola RFS Captain Matt Walker, Cowra Bowling Club President Greg Nichols, Cowra Bowling Club General Manager Marc Eisenhauer, and Cowra Mayor Bill West.

Mr Johnston thanked the CBC for hosting the event and recognising the efforts of volunteers.

“The main event (flooding) commenced on October 31 with upwards of 2300 hours of duty for the SES members. There were 16 Active new members also participating,” he said. He said that the Cowra SES Unit responded to 29 storm damage jobs, 3 helicopter resupply support drops, 60 miscellaneous flood jobs, 3 evacuations, and 13 Flood rescues. He also thanked the RFS for their huge assistance.

Mr Walker that since the floods started in mid-October, Waugoola and surrounding brigades such as Glen logan, Kangaroo Flat, Wattamondara, Wyangala & Mt McDonald have responded to and assisted with over 30 calls for help with tasks such as sandbagging, road closures, flood rescues, pumping flood & storm water, cleaning and helping restoring normal-ity where possible. Mr West thanked the Cowra Bowling Club for hosting the event and acknowledged all volunteers that assisted during the flood event.

“This was an event that had no script written for it and that the community has the highest regard for all that assisted in the community. To all of the volunteers I say ‘thank you’ from our community. We are enriched because of what you do,” he said

Mr Eisenhauer said that the dinner will become an annual event.

flood-volunteer-dinner2IMAGE: Matthew Walker, Captain of Waugoola RFS and Kim Kemper.

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