A relatively quite weekend at the Bowling Club with the final of the B Grade Singles deferred.

On Sunday 4 teams (3 Cowra & 1 Grenfell) played the 2nd local preliminary round of the BPL Cup.

After 3 rounds the Grenfell side of Steve Galvin, Gerard Beath & Blake Bradtke won through to the Regional Final.

Results from the day
Round 1:
Blake Bradtke def Greg Nicholls 2-0 (5-1, 8-2) Michael Nobes def Shane Lauritzen 2-0 (15-0, 8-2)

Round 2:
Blake Bradtke def Michael Nobes 2-0 (12-2, 5-3) Greg Nicholls def Shane Lauritzen 2-0 (5-4, 6-5)

Round 3:
Blake Bradtke def Shane Lauritzen 2-0 (9-2, 4-3) Greg Nicholls def Michael Nobes 2-0 (7-3, 0-9, 2-0)

Points Table:
Blake Bradtke 6, Greg Nicholls 4, Michael Nobes 2, Shane Lauritzen 0

This Saturday from 1:00pm the 1st round of the Mixed 4’s will be played with Judith Day playing Shane Lauritzen. With only 5 teams entered Sharen Hubber, Shane Egan & John Pickard’s side have a bye.

The semi-finals will be played the following Saturday (3rd July) and the final on the 10th July.

Nominations for the Mixed Pairs are now opened closing Friday 2nd July.

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