Being Active At Home Despite No Sport


While sport may be postponed, there is no need to let physical fitness slump while under stay at home orders. According to the NSW Government Office Of Sport, there are numerous fun and exciting ways to stay active at home. With the development of online resources there is an enormous database of free videos designed to follow along with at home. The Office Of Sport website has links and resources for a wide variety of sports such as links to the AFL YouTube videos and resources for Hockey, Football, Tennis, Athletics, Basketball and Netball.

There are also some stand out links such as the Olympic channel where a person can train with the Olympians at home, and my personal favourite the Yulunga Traditional Indigenous Games. The Indigenous games are suitable for all ages and backgrounds and is a fabulous way to get moving while learning about the Indigenous language and culture. It is particularly beneficial when you have a large household with more than one child.

Keeping children moving is vital to their development and the stark reality of lock down is many adults and children alike become couch potatoes with a device in hand.

To put in perspective the Bureau of statistics reports that 70% of children between 2-17 do not meet the health guidelines for physical activity, that is 2 in 3 children. It’s not only children who are lacking in movement with a reported 44% of adults working in a sedentary position at a desk without any exercise during the day, increasing their risk of heart diseases and conditions such as dementia and some cancers.

What better time than now during lock down, to get the body moving. You don’t need a massive yard flush with green grass, you just need a little space around yourself and a great resource to follow. Head on over to the NSW Government Office Of Sport for the full list of free links and resources to videos for you to follow along with at home.

By Jamie-Lee Farley,
Cowra Junior Rugby League Club

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